Naraka: Bladepoint Shows Off New Heng Sword Weapon Coming Soon in Season 11

  • Charlotte Allen
  • Dec 28, 2023
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Naraka: Bladepoint Shows Off New Heng Sword Weapon Coming Soon in Season 11

In the upcoming eleventh season of the melee-centric battle royale Naraka, Bladepoint is set to receive an exciting addition to its lineup of weapons. A mesmerizing new trailer has been unveiled to showcase the capabilities of the latest weapon, called the Heng Sword. This weapon follows other post-launch additions, including the staff, and is slated to enhance player strategies with its speedy attacks and disorienting moves.

The Heng Sword is all about agility and deception, allowing players to execute quick attacks, perform teleportation maneuvers reminiscent of anime, and unleash a barrage of spectral blades as part of a powerful, charged attack.

In the showcased abilities, the Heng Sword's "Straight Lunge" is highlighted, a move that propels users forward in the direction of their opponent for a quick engagement. If a vertical attack is executed after initiating the lunge, players will transition into the "Shadow Step," a slick move that instantly transports them behind their adversary.

The weapon's arsenal also includes the "Twin Slash," a move that involves delivering two swift slashes. Following up with a horizontal attack after Twin Slash introduces the "Lethal Jab," furthering this devastating combination.

The advanced technique for the Twin Slash is revealed to be even more formidable. It conjures a downpour of spectral swords to assail the opponent, presenting a visually impressive and deadly spectacle, as evidenced in the trailer.

For those eager to get their hands on the Heng Sword before its official release on January 4th, it is available for trial on the Naraka: Bladepoint test servers. Developers 24 Entertainment and NetEase have simplified the process of joining these servers by offering test keys on the official Discord server, which can then be redeemed on Steam.

The testing period, which is active until January 3rd, not only provides early access to the Heng Sword but also includes unspecified content from the January 4th update, inviting players to discover these additions firsthand.

Naraka: Bladepoint has built a significant player base since its debut in 2021, boasting a community of over 40 million players. The game is accessible on PC through Steam and is also available on Xbox consoles and the PS5. With constant updates and new features like the Heng Sword, it continues to maintain its popularity within the battle royale genre.

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