SNK Working on Art of Fighting Alongside Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves

  • Zachary Turner
  • Dec 29, 2023
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SNK Working on Art of Fighting Alongside Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves

The team at SNK is diving into its legacy to revive the cherished Fatal Fury series, and producer Yasuyuki Oda has shared some exciting news in a group interview. This discussion, featured in Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, has shed light on their efforts to rejuvenate more than just one classic title.

Oda has announced that the buzz within their newly established Osaka base of operations is palpable, focusing not just on the rejuvenation of 'Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves' but also on a revival of a classic favorite. They're breathing life into 'Ryuuko no Ken,' the indigenous name for the 'Art of Fighting' franchise in its homeland. This surprising news is set to captivate devotees, considering the franchise's debut splash in 1992, its ascent in stature after a sequel in 1994, and the most recent original contribution, 'Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior,' appearing in 1996. Although the characters have made appearances in other franchises, notably 'The King of Fighters,' the anticipation for a brand-new installment has been left unfulfilled until this moment.

While Oda refrained from detailing the specifics of the Art of Fighting endeavor, anticipation is high. He emphasized the need for fresh talent, hinting at ongoing recruitment efforts to bolster the creative force behind SNK's upcoming titles.

Turning the focus to 'Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves,' Oda anticipates a grand reveal slated for 2024. Project supervisor Nobuyuki Kuroki echoes this timeline, mentioning that the production is delicately attuned to feedback from the promotional materials showcased at EVO 2023. Kuroki also gave a nod to sustained recruitment throughout 2024, preparing SNK for the work ahead. With the release date still within the realm of speculation, fans are left in suspense regarding which platforms might support the game.

In addition to these nostalgic projects, a statement from Kazuhiro Fujishige, Manager of SNK's Second Development Division, hints at the development of a groundbreaking AAA title at their recently inaugurated Tokyo branch. This initiative is not just another stone in SNK's established foundation but is seen as a potential cornerstone for their future, signaling the creation of a new IP or perhaps foray into a fresh genre for the company. With SNK's storied past influencing its ambitious future, the gaming world watches eagerly to see what it will bring to the table next.

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