DOOM Eternal: A Full Guide to the Game’s Weapons, Levels, and Demons

  • Charlotte Allen
  • Jul 03, 2024
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DOOM Eternal: A Full Guide to the Game’s Weapons, Levels, and Demons

Created by Id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, DOOM Eternal, the fifth main title in the DOOM series, is the direct sequel to the award-winning DOOM (2016). DOOM Eternal is a modern masterpiece of the first-person shooter genre, continuing the established formula of fast-paced action set in a dystopian world overrun by hordes of monstrous creatures coming straight from Hell. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the game’s weaponry, levels, and monsters, aiming to help newcomers and veteran players effectively navigate the fiery landscapes and fierce confronting of DOOM Eternal.

Understanding the Armament in DOOM Eternal

In the intense, demon-infested world of DOOM Eternal, the player's survival greatly relies on their understanding of the vast array of weaponry available to them. Players are equipped with an armory ranging from the simplest firearms to sophisticated, energy-based devices - each serving a unique purpose in combat. Further augmenting the player's combat readiness is the ability to modify these weapons, tailoring them to suit specific combat scenarios and effectively bolstering the game's strategic engagements.

Breaking down the armament in DOOM Eternal, we can classify the collection of tools of destruction into two main categories - the Traditional Weapons and the Crucible Weapons. Each category has its own critical role in decimating the demonic hordes and is pivotal to the player's in-game success.

Traditional Weapons: The Robust Foundation of Your Arsenal

DOOM Eternal

The traditional lineup in DOOM Eternal acts as the robust foundation of the player's arsenal. This category spans several weapon types, each boasting its unique strengths and usage scenarios. The roster includes - Combat and Super versions of Shotguns, a dependable Heavy Cannon, an energy-discharging Plasma Rifle, a sky-tearing Rocket Launcher, a demon-slicing Chaingun, the formidable BFG 9000, and the energy-beam-launching Ballista. Let's delve deeper into each type:

The Combat and Super shotguns are handy tools for close quarters, with the Super Shotgun being particularly effective when face-to-face with a monster. The Heavy Cannon, on the other hand, offers a great balance of speed and firepower. The Plasma Rifle, true to its name, emits streams of superheated plasma – a reliable method for taking down protecting energy shields. The Rocket Launcher makes short work of clustered demons or those hard-to-reach targets. The Chaingun is a classic high-damage, high-fire-rate weapon ideal for bigger foes. The BFG 9000 is the ultimate party cleaner. Lastly, the Ballista, a prototypical energy weapon, is your go-to option for dealing colossal damage to energy-based enemies.

Crucible Weapons: Your Answer to Overwhelming Odds

Moving on to the Crucible Weapons, these are the game-changers, the weapons you turn to when the odds start piling up. Precise, deadly, and intimidatingly powerful, these weapons can instantly alter the dynamics of a skirmish. The Crucible weapons contain the Energy Sword and the Unmaykr. Their power lies not only in their raw damage outputs but also in their additional features.

DOOM Eternal

The Energy Sword, a melee instrument of destruction, dispatches almost any demon with a single strike – proving to be a valuable ally in close engagements. The Unmaykr, on the other hand, is a unique tool acquired only after collecting six Empyrean Keys throughout the game. This weapon is an enhanced version of the BFG 9000, using the same ammunition but delivering increased precision and superior crowd control, particularly useful in areas with demons.

A Journey Through DOOM Eternal's Hellish Levels

The landscape of DOOM Eternal is a dreamscape for daredevil explorers who have an affinity for hostile, demon-infested terrains. The gripping campaign of the game is plotted across an array of levels, exhibiting profound diversity in environmental aesthetics and gameplay challenges. Each level bears its set of unique challenges and demonic entities and demands a fine balance of combat skill, strategic thinking, and agile navigation from the players. The typical mission structure includes diverse tasks such as combating swarms of enemies, solving intricate puzzles, mastering platforming segments, and ultimately aiming to eliminate a challenging boss or survive a significant armed conflict.

The Realms: A Cosmic Tour Across Dimensions

The varied selection of levels in DOOM Eternal is not confined to the gloomy corridors of a demon stronghold. Instead, it takes players on a cosmic tour that engulfs several dimensions, each boasting its distinct sense of place and eerie beauty. The game takes you on a traverse through the ruined landscapes of Earth and Mars, into the glorious expanses of the Sentinel's homeworld Argent D'Nur, the fiery pits of Hell, and reaches as far as the newly introduced orbits like the hellish Phobos and the ethereal Urdak.

DOOM Eternal

These settings offer more than just breathtaking backdrops to the heated bouts. Each environment comes with its distinct themes, magnificent infrastructure, and abundant exploration opportunities that imbue an additional layer of depth to the gameplay. Thus, seemingly straightforward levels transform into diversified arenas, and each location switch feels like flipping a new chapter in gaming encounters.

Emphasizing the Variety in Challenges

Moving beyond the geographic diversity, each level in DOOM Eternal is characterized by a distinct set of trials and tribulations. The challenges stretch across a broad spectrum, demanding from players an adept strategic use of weapons, agility to quickly navigate through obstacles, environmental sensibility to use the surroundings to their advantage, and a good understanding of enemy behavior to effectively predict their moves and counterattack.

However, facing these challenges is not just about survival – it's rewarding, too. Successful completion of the tasks presented rewards players with weapon points. These coveted points can enhance weapon mods, enabling players to further fortify their defensive and offensive capabilities. This aspect brings a constant element of progression into gameplay mechanics, with each challenge bringing you one step closer to becoming the ultimate demon slayer.

Confronting the Demonic Hordes

DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal boasts an extended roster of demons, each having its own specific abilities and weak points. Learning how to dispatch these foes swiftly is essential for survival.

The Returning Threats

Many familiar faces from the original DOOM series - such as the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, or Cacodemon - return in DOOM Eternal with new, devastating abilities and even more dangerous forms. Furthermore, the game introduces The Marauder and The Gladiator - new antagonists who push the confrontation to a whole new level of intensity.

The New Enemies

Noteworthy newcomers to the demon roster include the Doom Hunter and the Arch-vile. The Doom Hunter is a powerful, highly mobile enemy with a protective shield and devastating long-range attacks. The Arch-vile, an enemy that players might recognize from older DOOM installments, is a spellcaster that can summon and buff other demons.


DOOM Eternal delivers an immersive, action-packed gaming experience through its impressive lineup of weapons, engaging levels, and daunting demons. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to better understand the game mechanics or a newbie embarking on the epic adventure, this guide serves as your comprehensive companion in the thrilling universe of DOOM Eternal.

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