Hello Neighbor

  • Zachary Turner

Hello Neighbor is a horror-themed stealth adventure game developed by tinyBuild. It is an interactive experience where the player must outsmart an AI-controlled neighbor by sneaking into his home and uncovering the dark secrets hidden within. The game features unique, cartoon-style graphics and an intense, suspenseful atmosphere. It has been praised for its immersive experience and unique design.

Graphics in Game

The graphics of Hello Neighbor are unique and highly detailed. The game features 3D environments and characters with a cartoon-style art design. The visuals are bright and vivid, with vibrant colors and lighting. The animations are smooth, and the textures are sharp and crisp. The game also features some impressive particle and lighting effects.

Gameplay is Really Good

Hello Neighbor's gameplay revolves around sneaking into your neighbor's home and uncovering his secrets. The game is a mix of puzzle-solving and stealth. You must explore the environment and use items in your inventory to progress. The AI-controlled neighbor will actively try to stop you and will learn from your actions. As you progress, the neighbor will become smarter, creating an intense and immersive experience.

Replay Value

Hello Neighbor offers a lot of replay value. The game is highly replayable with its randomly generated levels, allowing for a different experience every time you play. There are also several unlockable items and secrets to discover. The AI-controlled neighbor will also adapt to your play style, creating a unique experience each time you play.


Hello Neighbor is a unique and highly immersive stealth horror adventure game. It features unique visuals, intense gameplay, and a lot of replay value. The game is highly replayable, with randomly generated levels and AI-controlled neighbor that will adapt to your play style. It is an excellent game for those who enjoy horror and puzzle-solving.

  • Unique and detailed graphics
  • Intense and suspenseful atmosphere
  • A mix of puzzle-solving and stealth mechanics
  • The AI-controlled neighbor that will adapt to your playstyle
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Unlockable items and secrets
  • Highly replayable
  • Controls can be awkward at times
  • AI can be unpredictable
  • Limited action-based gameplay
  • Repetitive puzzles
  • Limited online multiplayer